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Meliha Doğuduyal


 composer & pianist



  Genre: contemporary classical music         


  Specialty: focus on crossover projects and interdisciplinary collaborations

with experimental forms in both acoustic and electronic environments







   In her creations, conceptual and

   textural contrasts occupy centre

   stage: dark timbres with bright

   sound spectra, multi-layered

   dramatic fragments with lyrical

       musical gestures, rough surfaces

   with smooth textures, modal and 

   rhythmic structures with simple

   melodic segmentations.





      Central to the body of her work are

   several distinct series, such as

      conceptual art, spoken word, world

   music influence, micro-tonality,

   extended instrumental techniques,

   multiple styles, theatrical potential

   of musical performance creating

   interdisciplinary works that break

   the boundaries between the classical

   and non-classical, traditional and

   avant-garde, West and East.




Doğuduyal takes a mysterious approach to her music gaining inspiration from the Eastern philosophical outlooks traditions.






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