" When Meliha showed me her first piano piece, she seemed to be surprised 

  at her own creation. Timbres which came from far, unknown places were those.

  That was very good. A good composer should be bewildered by own wrought.

  Because music transcends man, it is further then man, I still have today the same

  feeling about all the next work of  Meliha: the sense of coming from some 

  unknown somewhere is still viable to me." 

  Ilhan Usmanbaş, composer (TR) - 2008  



  ► on TROPE

  ..."Ms. Doguduyal has composed to Gustaf Larsson's words. Gutamals poems and

  texts by Petrus de Dacia have inspired the pianist and composer Meliha 

  Doğuduyal. In just one month she has created it at the Visby International

  Composer Center."

  Eva Sjöstrand  - (SE) Swedish Radio P4, 1 November 2007



  ► on VACUUM and ENCORE

     (The Contemporary Voice  of Turkish Music; Dreyer Gaido CD21026) 


  ..."The CD draws to a close with two compositions by Meliha Doguduyal. In 

  her piece Vacuum, composed in 2000, mysterious violin sounds rise up from the

  depts to be intercepted by block-like intermissions of the piano. From the very

  beginning this is an elegy, perhaps an elegy to mark the dawn of the new 

  millennium. The finale is constituted by the composer's piece Encore with its 

  abrupt, wild rhythms, which succeeds in creating an entire world of sound in a

  matter of just a fewminutes."   

  Evin Ilyasoğlu - Cumhuriyet (TR), August 2005



  ..."Happiness in music... Ms. Meliha Doguduyal can show subtlety and strength

  of playing by turns, and her interpretation  -chiefly of her own works- is imbued

  with intense emotion which she easily conveys to her audience." 

  Editor's Note - Bulletin Brussels (BE) , no. 411, January 2004



  ► on VACUUM  

  ..."…A successful synthesis. The piece ´Vacuum´ by Meliha Doguduyal came out

  so good."

  Astrid Kordak - NRZ Mulheim (DE), 28 October 2002  



  ..."Together with her own compositions, Meliha Doguduyal has performed the

  pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Saygun, Siede, Usmanbas and Bartok in a

  magical way."

  Ediitor's Note - Prizma (NL), April 2000



  ..."She melts all the world music traditions and all the known techniques in her

  own crucible." 

  Evin İlyasoğlu - Cumhuriyet (TR), 11 March 1998



  ..."We also wish to thank the composer Meliha Doguduyal for her consulting and

  exploratory work." 

  Leon Berendse, fluitist /conductor (NL) - Ricciotti Nieuwsbrief (NL), 7 April 1998



  ► on IKARUS

  ..."A beautiful piece, with verve and passion, is baptized by Ensemble De Ereprijs.

  Ikarus may hesitate to remain in the repertoire." 

  Tom Ruijfrok - Gelders Dagblad (NL), 18 April 1994



  ..."The composer’s music does not contain direct quotations from traditional

  Turkish maqam. She seems to go much more in the direction of Western-style

  elements although she occasionally does not shun a Turkish rhythm." 

  Doron Nagan - AD Algemeen Dagblad (NL), 13 February 1993 



  ..."Every composer knows that a piece inspired touches only when it is

  performed with skill. Meliha Doguduyal is such a skilled performer." 

  Rob van Scheers - Elsevier (NL), 1 February 1992  




  ..."It is amazingly clear in her work how open-mind her attitude is. Her

  development, fast as it is, is very natural,without losing contact with her musical


  Theo Loevendie, composer (NL) - 1992




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